Perlovka yarn - roll approx. 85 m
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Perlovka yarn - roll approx. 85 m

Czech embroidery cotton yarn Perlovka wound into a ball weighing 10 g and a coil length of about 85 m.


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Podvody při prodeji minerálních korálků!

Czech embroidery cotton yarn Perlovka wound into a ball weighing 10 g and a coil length of about 85 m. The yarn is 100 % cotton (ie natural) and products made from it can be ironed, washed up to 95 ° C, or dried in a dryer. Bleaching and cleaning are not recommended as they would disrupt the fiber structure and disintegrate the product over time.

Although the yarn is intended primarily for embroidery, it is very popular among beaders for the production of crocheted jewelry, especially hollows, and thanks to its proven Czech quality, we can also offer it to you in our offer.

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