History of our company

Welcome to the Katlas Beads online store! This e-shop was founded in 2014 by Mr. and Mrs. Mangl as a family project focused on the sale of material for the production of jewelry, but we primarily focus on the sale of quality mineral beads. We currently offer over 15,000 product, and every month we expand our offer with tens to hundreds of new products. The company is currently based in Ostrava and our warehouse can be found at 28. října 1142/168, 709 00 Ostrava-Mariánské Hory, where you can pick up your orders from the e-shop in person.

Ondřej and Kateřina Mangl

Káťa is a creative woman and loves to make jewelry, so starting a bead shop was an expression of her creative passion. The store was established during the summer of 2014, but not in the form of an e-shop, but only as a small sales profile on the Fler.cz internet portal. However, the store was not very successful here, mainly due to the huge competition of hundreds of similar sales profiles, so Ondra decided to set up his own sales website to sell and better highlight the company. The creation of the e-shop took about 2 months, and at the end of October 2014, the website was launched and expanded to its current form.

Because Ondra is edjucated in chemistry and has an inquisitive spirit, from the beginning he was very interested in the authenticity and composition of the beads and components that the company sells. Thanks to this, he revealed many scandals that can unfortunately still be encountered on the market of beads and components today - from the selling synthetic minerals as genuine, to the overlimit occurrence of dangerous elements in common jewelery components. This led him to establish a very thorough procedure for checking the authenticity and naming of minerals, which we still use on the e-shop today. In addition, as the only e-shop with beads on the Czech market, we purchased a spectrometer with which we measure all components to ensure that they are not harmful to health. Care is also required from our warehouse workers throughout the order processing process.



Because we value our loyal customers, we offer a loyalty program, thanks to which you have a bigger discount the more you order from us. We want to support small creative tradesmen who are engaged in the production of jewelry, so we offer two wholesale schemes, thanks to which you can save up to 45% on the purchase. We enjoy working with many passionate jewelry makers within the Influencer Katlas program and their activities are an inspiration for us. We also regularly publish various educational videos on our YouTube channel, in which we show how beads are made, how components differ in their composition, how a counterfeit mineral can be recognized and how begginers can recognise for example, on AliExpress or directly within the Czech Republic some common deceptions in this area.