Partnership Cooperation

Spolupráce s milovníky korálkování - odměny a bonusy
  • Are you a blogger, influencer or instagramer? 
  • Do you like our products?
  • Do you have the desire to make it in the world of beading?

Then you're the person we're looking for! We welcome creative people who want to grow with us. We are looking for new talents, new collaborations, someone who loves everything related to jewelry making. Surely you know that the best form of advertising is a referral. And through mutual recommendation, our collaboration will be mutually beneficial.
What are the conditions of cooperation from your side?
  • At least once a month create an article on the blog Korálky Katlas. It can be a showcase of your work, what new things you have created or what inspired you in beading that month.
  • If you make a video tutorial or picture tutorial on the blog, you will be issued a voucher for the value of the material purchased from our e-shop.
What are the conditions of cooperation from our side?
    • We will register you as a blogger on our e-shop. Thanks to this, you will be able to create your company's author's business card, where you can introduce yourself and insert links to your social networks, website or e-shop. This will give you a quality backlink. And with every additional blog article you publish you build your brand. On average, 150,000 people visit our e-shop every month.
    • Take a look at one of our authors who creates tutorials and you'll see her author card as well. More here: Eva Tichá.
    • Every month we send emails to people registered in our database. The emails include information about news from the blog or about a new tutorial. In this way, tens of thousands of people get to know about you and you can get interesting orders or establish further cooperation.
    • We actively support our partners who create the tutorials. Therefore, if you make a tutorial from our material and post it on the blog, you will get your money back for the used material.
    • From time to time we will provide materials for production FREE of charge. This is specifically for the production of themed products, which we would like to inform the public more about. If you are involved in the affiliate program, you will receive the materials for production for free. By creating a product from these materials, you will support their sales and you can then keep the product for your own personal use.
Recommend us and get commissions
  • In the very near future we will be launching a program for our partners in which you will receive commissions for recommending our e-shop or a specific type of jewelry component. You will receive commissions on the entire order created. If we take into account that the average order amount on the e-shop is 51,50 EUR, then you will get a commission of 5,15EUR  for the recommendation. This money can then be withdrawn when you make a purchase on our e-shop.
Special pricing for our referral partners:
  • Permanent 30% discount on your entire purchase. Does not apply discounts from current short-term sales. Minimum order amount is 2 500 CZK.
  • Permanent 45% discount on your entire purchase. Does not apply discounts from current short-term sales. Minimum order amount is 5 000 CZK.
Support in the Facebook group Influenceři – korálky Katlas
  • Join the Facebook group and keep up to date. We are not just another company that wants to sell beads and jewelry components.
  • We are part of a community of jewelry makers, helping each other and motivating each other to make more sales.
  • We hold webinars for our active partners to teach them how to use online marketing and sell the creative work they produce. Some are already posted in the Facebook group, so sign up!
Support in the Facebook group Korálky Katlas – kreativní soutěže
  • If you like to inspire others, join our community of jewelry creators, in the Facebook group Korálky Katlas – kreativní soutěže.
  • Not only are there exciting competitions with free giveaways, but you can let yourself be inspired by over 3200 people who form a friendly community, sharing their creative work, helping and motivating each other.
  • We also hold webinars for group members to educate people in different areas of beadwork.
How to become our active partner?