May competition for the group Korálky Katlas - rewards for activities


We want to appreciate and to support in beading active members in the group Korálka Katlas - creative competitions. And to be fair, we leave it to the F algorithmacebook to choose the most active member for usy group for the month of May 2020.

How does everything work?

If you're a group administrator, you have statistics in your group reports that clearly document everything. Among other things, you can see here the activity of all members of the group for April 2020. See photo:

How does the Facebook algorithm work?

Facebook scores each member of the group according to activities. Most points are for added original posts. For example, original photos. Next, it scores activity below the comments. I really appreciate uploading new videos. And for example, you get a few points for a redirected post from another Facebook page, or you share a link from a website.

And what is fair in this competition?

Anyone can win. All you have to do is be a little active, praise someone for sharing a nice product, or record a video tutorial and upload to a group, or go through the history of your mobile and share your older creations.

When does the competition start?

We start 5.5.2020 and end 31.5. at 23:59.

What are they competing for? (prices worth CZK 2,100)

  1. place: coupon 600 CZK for purchase on the e-shop
  2. place: coupon 500 CZK for purchase on the e-shop
  3. place: coupon 400 CZK for purchase on the e-shop
  4. place: coupon 300 KNo. to buy in the e-shop
  5. place: coupon 200 CZK for purchase on the e-shop
  6. place: coupon 100 CZK for purchase on the e-shop

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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