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Conditions of competitions on social networks owned by the company Korálky Katlas .

In 2020, our rewards for activity begin, with bonus competitions for our loyal customers. Join in and enjoy the rewards to the fullest. Each competition is subject to the conditions set out below. By violating the conditions, the competitor is excluded from the competition.

I. General provisions

  1. The organizer of the competition is Korálky Katlas sro, IČ: 08175527, with its registered office at Žižkovská 713/19, 724 00 Ostrava - Nová Bělá. By competition is meant the individual marketing campaigns of the Fa. Korálky Katlas sro, announced on its official Facebook, Instagram or website managed by Korálky Katlas sro
  2. The general rules stipulate the conditions for participation in the competition by Korálky Katlas sro, a specific activity on the part of the participant, which in certain predetermined cases is associated with the victory of this participant in the given competition. The competition is always announced via Facebook, Instagram or Korálky Katlas sro website
  3. Any natural person, not acting within the scope of his business activity, older than 15 years, eligible to be a participant in the competition, who accepts the rules of the competition, meets these conditions and performs the required action (individual events are specified in individual competitions).
  4. The participant of the competition must have a delivery address in the territory of the Czech or Slovak Republic. Persons in an employment or similar relationship in relation to Korálky Katlas sro are excluded from participating in the competition; as well as persons with Korálky Katlas sro personnel and property connected, including their relatives and persons close to them.
  5. By entering the competition, ie by performing the required action, all participants undertake to comply with its rules and at the same time confirm that they comply with these rules.
  6. Korálky Katlas sro reserves the right to shorten, interrupt or cancel the competition or change its rules and replace the prices in the competition with prices of a similar type or corresponding to the same value.
  7. The organizer of the competition reserves the right to make a final decision in dispute cases at its own discretion.
  8. Each contestant can participate in the competition only under one account on the Facebook or Instagram platform. Suspicious and / or visibly false Facebook accounts may be disqualified, as may account names containing vulgar, offensive, unethical and / or inappropriate language. Participants who act in violation of the law and / or good morals and / or commit fraud in connection with the competition will also be excluded from the competition.
  9. Korálky Katlas sro beads do not have to store questions from participants and are not obliged to answer questions.
  10. The Contests are not operated, sponsored, or affiliated with Facebook in any way, and Facebook is not responsible for their conduct. The information provided in the competitions will not be made available to this company in any way. All questions, comments or complaints regarding the competitions must be addressed exclusively to Korálky Katlas sro not Facebook.

II. License

  1. Korálky Katlas written / visual / audiovisual / audio work, etc. (the work only “Work”) on the Facebook or Instagram pages of Korálky Katlas sro it confirms and declares that:
    The Participant as the author of the Work, on the basis of participation in the competition, grants Korálky Katlas sro the right to use the Work (hereinafter referred to as the "License") for a period of 3 years and without territorial restriction. The Subscriber provides the License as non-exclusive. The Participant thus grants Korálky Katlas sro the right to the Work in all ways permitted by law. The participant undertakes to ensure Korálky Katlas sro the uninterrupted exercise of rights. Korálky Katlas sro is not obliged to use the License for the Work. The granting of the License is not affected by any decision of the participant not to complete the competition. After 3 years, the author of the work can request the termination of the right to use the work. In the event that the participant does not request the termination of the license by e-mail to the company's registered office, it is assumed that the work can continue to be used.
    1. The work is decent, does not violate good morals and is in accordance with the highest ethical standards;
    2. The work does not reduce the dignity of any persons and their seriousness in society and does not contain elements of unfair competition or any depictions and references to other competitors Korálky Katlas sro;
    3. The work does not and cannot induce a violation of generally binding legal regulations and / or it cannot give the impression that it agrees with the violation;
    4. is the author of the Work, there are no legal defects in the Work, no rights of third parties that could affect the participation of the participant in the competition and which would be an obstacle to the creation of a license Korálky Katlas sro;
    5. The Work was acquired with the consent of any natural persons displayed on / in it, while these persons also agreed to the publication of the Work on the Facebook or Instagram pages of Korálky Katlas sro, while the participant is responsible for the content of the Work and its publication;
    6. participates in the competition on the basis of free and serious, definite and comprehensible will without coercion and oppression and its participation is voluntary.
  2. Korálky Katlas sro has the right to unilaterally decide to remove the Work, which will be posted on Facebook, Instagram or the website of Korálky Katlas sro and will be in conflict with the rules of the competition and / or in conflict with the statements of the participant, without compensation.
  3. The Participant acknowledges that a specific Work may be removed at the initiative of a third party by Facebook or Instagram itself, in particular for violating the rules of Facebook or Instagram.
  4. In the event of exclusion of the participant (inter alia due to the rejection of the Work for non-compliance with these rules and conditions and / or the rules of Facebook or Instagram), such participant is not entitled to compensation for costs or damages that may arise.

III. Personal rights and protection of personal data

  1. By participating in the competition, the participant in Korálky Katlas sro, in the sense of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the protection of personal data and on the amendment of certain acts, as amended (hereinafter the "Act"), consents to the processing of his personal data. in particular, the name, surname, address and contact telephone number in order to verify his participation in the competition and to award the prize. This consent to the processing of personal data is voluntary. Korálky Katlas consent is effective upon delivery of Korálka Katlas sro and results in the exclusion of the participant from further participation in the given competition, including the loss of the right to hand over the prize, if it happens before its acceptance. At the same time, according to the provisions of § 12 of the Act, the participant has the right to access this personal data and according to the provisions of § 21 there the right to explain, the right to correct, block or request their supplementation or liquidation.
  2. By participating in the competition, the participant agrees that his name, surname, contact city, photographs and speeches may be used for the purpose of promoting Korálky Katlas sro, including sending business messages, and Korálky Katlas sro may use all speeches, audio and video recordings free of charge. and photographs of the participant, which she took in connection with the organization and evaluation of the competition and the award ceremony, for a period of 5 years from the beginning of the competition. If the participant does not request in the form of an email to the company's headquarters to download speeches, audio or video recordings, photographs or other similar material, it is assumed that these materials can continue to be used.

IV. Competition mechanism

  1. The competition will always take place in the period specified in the announcement of the relevant competition on Facebook, Instagram or the website of Korálky Katlas sro
  2. The individual mechanisms of competitions are defined individually within an organized competition. If the competition is evaluated according to the reactions to the entries or the evaluation of the fans, the winner is the one who met the conditions of the competition and has the best rating. For competitions where the prize will depend on the draw, the draw takes place by a random number generator.

V. Winnings and their transfer

  1. Winnings in the competition and their number will always be determined in the announcement of the relevant competition on the Facebook, Instagram or Korálky Katlas sro websites.
  2. Each winner will be informed about the win on the Facebook or Instagram pages of Korálky Katlas sro no later than 7 days from the end of the competition. If the winner does not respond within 7 days in the manner specified in the announcement of the winners, the prize will be forfeited in favor of Korálky Katlas sro, without compensation.
  3. The prizes will be handed over to the winners either at the registered office of Korálky Katlas sro or will be sent by post to the postal address specified by the winner in the Czech Republic. When returning the shipment, the winner will be contacted and one more delivery attempt will be made. If even a repeated attempt at delivery is not successful, the prize will be forfeited in favor of Korálky Katlas sro, without compensation.
  4. If the prize in the competition is a discount check, discount coupon or gift voucher, this cannot be combined with other discount checks, coupons and / or gift vouchers offered by Korálky Katlas sro, unless Korálky Katlas sro explicitly allows it.
  5. Korálky Katlas sro does not provide any guarantee for the prize, however, in the event of damage to an individual prize, it will exchange the prize in question directly from the factory.
  6. If the discount voucher is won, the discount code will be sent electronically to the e-mail address provided by the competitor. If the e-mail address is not requested when registering for the competition, it will be necessary to communicate it to the competition operator no later than 7 days after the announcement of the competition results.
  7. The issued discount voucher (or its code) will be tied when used to a customer account, which the winner must create in order to obtain the code on the e-shop website.
  8. Unless otherwise stated, the validity of the voucher for its use will be 1 month from the date of issue.

VI. Publication of these rules

  1. These general rules, binding for the competitions, will be published for the entire duration of the competition in a note on the Facebook page of Korálky Katlas sro and will be available on the website of Korálky Katlas sro
  2. Korálky Katlas sro declares that it is not responsible for errors caused during the transmission of electronic messages.
  3. Korálky Katlas sro is not responsible for situations where its Facebook profile is unauthorizedly misused by a third party or its Facebook profile is blocked. In such cases, Korálky Katlas sro is not obliged to pay for any damage caused as a result.
These rules are effective from 01. 01. 2020.
Updated 5/5/2020

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