2020 April PHOTO COMPETITION - We create from wooden beads

Do you have any wooden beads on hand?

We would like to develop beading from wooden beads in the Czech Republic. You can make a lot of interesting things out of them and it will be super easy. Show off what you make of wooden beads.

How to participate in the competition?

  1. Make a note "I like it"
  2. Insert your creative creation like comment under note.
  3. Share your creation in a note and get the most I like it

What rewards await you? (coupons in the price of CZK 2,200)

  • 1st place: The creation with the most "I like it" gets reward 800 CZK to buy at the Korálky Katlas
  • 2nd place: The creation with the second most "I like it" gets reward 500 CZK to buy at the Korálky Katlas
  • 3 to 5 place: Use the random number generator to select 3 lucky ones who will also win reward 300 CZK to buy at the Korálky Katlas .

Since when can you compete?

✅ The competition starts at Easter and runs until the end of April.

How to increase the probability of winning?

✅ To increase your chances of winning, add more of your wooden bead products to the comment below the note. Thanks to the selection of winners on 3.-5. Instead of a random number generator, you have a better chance of winning.

When will the winners be selected?

✅ The evaluation will take place at the end of the first week of May.



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