January Creation

Enter the competition can be logged by sending a photo with hand-made jewelry either to the e-mail address koralky@en/ and to include "January creation with Korálky Katlas " in the subject line of the message, or via messages on Facebook.

It is with every piece of jewelry sent need to state its name and name or nickname authorand, under which the jewelry will be displayed in the competition album at www.fb.com/KoralkyKatlas. Each contestant can enter only 1 photo with their jewelery. In the event that it is found to be a stolen photograph, the competitor will be immediately excluded from the competition and will also lose the opportunity to participate in any competition in the future.


The voice in the competition will receive photos of the author using the "I like it" button. Winners and their announcements Winners become the authors of 3 photographs, which they will receive in 20 hours on January 31, 2020 in the total the most likes.

The company Korálky Katlas sro will also announce 1-3 special prizes for non-traditional or design-interesting jewelry, the authors of which will not be placed in the first 3 places in the voting.

1st place - voucher worth CZK 2,000 for the purchase of goods on the e-shop www.en/

2nd place - voucher worth 1,000 CZK for the purchase of goods on the e-shop www.en/

3rd place - voucher worth CZK 500 for the purchase of goods on the e-shop www.en/

Special awards:

1 - 3 competitors will receive a voucher worth CZK 400 for the purchase of goods on the e-shop www.en/

The winners will be announced no later than February 1, 2020 at www.fb.com/KoralkyKatlas and a report of the prize will also be sent to them by e-mail or via Facebook (depending on how they entered the competition).


1st place and a voucher worth CZK 2,000 is awarded to arTep crystal for sets of you & me bracelets

2nd place and a voucher worth CZK 1,000 are awarded to Žaneta Franzová for the Moonlight bracelet

3rd place and a voucher worth CZK 500 are won by Lajla Abdallahová for the Sovička pendant

Special awards:

- Ess for brooch Otákarek fennel - voucher worth 400 CZK

- Kristina Průžková for the brooch Korálkové štěstí - voucher worth CZK 400

- Blanka Hroncová for brooch Černá labuť - voucher worth CZK 400.

Remembrance of the competition:

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